Monday, March 19, 2012

Sweet Dreams

Finally finished!!! After a month and a half of work (slow) I have transformed a bed that was destined for the scrap heap.
I found this wonderful plain teak bed on the side of the road for curbside pick up and thought it looked nice. Only problem was it didn't have bolts or slats but after a few trips to Bunnings I had all my supplies. So I started sanding the bed and then the mouse sander died and had to continue by hand. I then painted of few areas pink and then 4 coats of sage green later we have a painted bed. After this I rubbed back the areas of pink and a few other edges, to give it that shabby sheek look, and coated it twice with polyurethane to stand up to a three year old.
I found the word at Spotlight and gave it a few coats of pink, I really love using spray paint, and just blue tacked it on so if she wants to change it years down the track it's no prob.
I really love this bed and so does the little princess who sleeps in it and I'm so proud of the work it's the first time I tackled something so big :)

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