Sunday, May 16, 2010

new things and markets

This is my first attempt at a pencil roll they were for two birthdays over the weekend. They are made from up cycled cat in the hat material and a heavy duty cream colour material, the sharpener in glued to the roll (with silicone) so it can't get lost

I currently have these three Hot Buddies in stock if you want one just email me or contact me via popple on facebook.

Wow what a great day I had at Glenbrook yesterday. It felt like it went really fast but then the pack up went REALLY slow. But besides that it was lovely and sunny in the end and sold a variety of things I have even had to take 4 things off made it because they sold. The new jumpers and pants were received well and even sold a few, my mind is already thinking of new things to make but I must set myself a schedule this time and organise the rest of my life I seem to be permanently running late for everything.