Saturday, January 8, 2011


Hello is there anybody out there? I am getting great feedback from my facebook site but nothing from here just wondering if there is anybody out there? Can anyone give me tips on how to increase my following, I do post on other pages sometimes but they never come and follow me and I don't post often cause I think no one reads it. I am loving facebook at the moment just got 10 more likers in one day after doing one night of promoting myself. I better go and make dinner and get of the computer so I can put the girls to bed. Have a good weekend all!


  1. I'm here!!! ... and reading :) I use the google reader to view the blogs that I follow. Your settings are such that only the first bit of text shows and never any photos.

    To increase readers/followers perhaps play along in some memes this year?!?! A good way to make bloggy friends.

  2. I'm here sweets! I can't really give much advise on these things...Do you link your posts to your facebook page? That may draw some more traffic?? I got a few more followers that way when I was on Facebook. xxx