Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The start of 2012.

WOW summer has finally arrived with long hot days but some lovely mild evenings. With holidays upon us we decided to pile in the car and go for a drive to Wisemans Ferry.
This is looking down onto Wisemans Ferry. It looked so peaceful from up there and with the binoculars you could see heaps!

Alice loved the wattle and wanted to bring it in the car but pretty little yellow pom poms kept falling off so it was a big no in the new car.

Sage just loves seeing new places and being in the great outdoors.

The next day we went to the bike track out at Clarendon so the girls could burn off some more energy as well as Dee (the dog).

All were super tired after a walk and then swing in the park but wonderful Nanny turned up with cold drinks and fruit for a quick snack.
I am really enjoying these school holidays and I know there is only 4 weeks till Sage is back at school and I'm off to TAFE so I plan to do lots of fun things with my beautiful (I think so!) girls and my precious little Dee (the dog :).
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