Saturday, March 13, 2010

At the markets

Here is the stall at Richmond markets with my Mum having a seat at the back, the sheet was to gave us some shade the sun was very burnie. Had a great day saw lots of friends and sold some bags and other stuff also said hello to the lady we were next to last time, everyone is really nice and helpful I enjoyed my day without children I was Emma for a few hours not Mummy you need time out sometimes so you come home loving your family more. But no rest as I am off to Glenbrook (nsw) markets next Saturday so come up the mountain for a little look there are lots of stalls.
These are the other two skirts in the range. The cupcakes is two layers of material and the other has a pale pink overlay in the bottom section.
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  1. Your stall looks great, Hope you had a great day and good luck next Saturday.