Monday, March 29, 2010

Hi I'm still here!

Hello everybody I am still alive just been trying to get things sewn and ready for next Glenbrook market next month. I am working on some more bags as stock went down very low also making some beanies as I have no more size large left and people have been asking for an x-large, these are made from snuggle polar fleece plus I am trying to get some polar fleece pants made too. As usual I want to make a million things but in reality I don't have the time like now I should be in bed asleep as it's 12.30 already so it will be 1am by the time I have a shower and get ready, no wonder it takes me an hour and half to wake up in the morning. I really need to organise myself better and have a plan then I would get stuff done, my house looks like a craft store exploded. Off to bed now good night :)

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